Human-Computer Interaction+Design Lab.

In hci+d lab. at Seoul National University, we are conducting research on Human-Computer Interaction, Human-AI Interaction, Social Computing, Robot Journalism, Information Visualization and more. Current research focuses on understanding social behavior through large data analysis and building systems that automatically generate news articles.

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Human-Computer Interaction

Our main research area is Human-Computer Interaction which explores interaction between human and computers. The study intersects disciplines such as computer science, behavioral science, design, communication, media studies and several other fields of study.

Social Computing

As computer plays an important role in our daily life, it is becoming also important to understand social interaction within a computerized society. Social Computing is an area of intersection of computer science and social science to understand and support any sort of social behavior in or through computational systems.

Robot Journalism

We are working on the development of an algorithm that automatically generates news articles. In the near future, algorithms will become more involved in the delivery of information as a personal information curator. We are interested in the role of algorithms in the transmission of information in the future.

Human-AI Interaction

As AI permeates our lives, AI is replacing many of our jobs. But AI will act as a partner rather than our competitors. We are working on building the relationship between AI and humans, how to communicate, and how to work together. We research AI as companions.