As of a graduate from HCI (Carnegie Mellon University) and Ph.D. candidate in Communication at Seoul National University, I am capable of conducting interdisciplinary research by playing multiple roles such as data scientist, social science researcher, and user experience designer.

My Ph.D. research is to explore theoretical and technological aspects in pursuing algorithmic approach towards journalistic practices. The field of study is often referred to ‘Robot Journalism’ research, which requires a combined perspectives from both computational and communicational research practices.

I worked as an information architect at Wireless Generation, an educational software and solutions development company, in NYC. I also worked as a UX designer at LG electronics, mobile communication division, where I was in charge of developing user interface and product manager of android smartphone lineups. I am also an active member of TEDxSeoul organizers. We are working as a group to share and inspire great ideas into the lives of citizens of Seoul.

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