Wookjae Maeng

Wookjae Maeng

Ph.D. Student
      • Ph.D. Student, Seoul National University (SNU)
      • Organizer, TEDxSNUSuwon
      • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Korea University

As of a graduate from HCI, UX designer, wearable device developer, and Ph.D. Student in Digital Contents and Information Studies program, I am capable of conducting interdisciplinary research by playing multiple roles such as human-computer interaction researcher, user experience designer, developer, and data scientist. My research topic is an interface for Resistance Exercise, which requires a combined perspectives from both computational and design research practices. I am interested in working as an user experience designer backed up by analytical thinking from social science and actual data handling techniques with computational thinking.

유현진, 맹욱재, 이중식. “웨어러블 디바이스를 활용한 운동 중 피드백 방식 연구.” 한국 HCI 학회 논문지 11.3 (2016): 23-30.

Maeng Wookjae, Yoon Jungwon, Ahn Hyunjin, and Lee Joongseek. (2016, January). Can Mobile Instant Messaging Be a Useful Interviewing Tool? A Comparative Analysis of Phone Use, Instant Messaging, and Mobile Instant Messaging. In Proceedings of HCI Korea (pp. 45-49). Hanbit Media, Inc..

Urgessa Teklu, Maeng Wookjae, An Kwangseok, and Lee Joongseek. (2016, January). Prototyping Sensor Based People Counting System. In Proceedings of HCI Korea (pp. 121-126). Hanbit Media, Inc..

Research Interest

    • Interface for Exercise(Resistance Training, Weight Lifting)
    • Wearable Interaction
    • User Experience Design