Computational Journalism

Computational journalism adds computational thinking to the traditional realm of journalism; how news contents are gathered, processed, and delivered to the general public. The technology include computational approach to handle big data sets, find patterns via visualization, derive insights and generate computer-asissted reports. The possible projects involve ‘natural language processing (in Korean),’ ‘sensemaking and visualization of various data-sources,’ ‘automated news contents generation,’ etc.

Robot Journalist

Robot Journalist project builds a system that generates news article automatically. The system collects important data from web (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, News Portals, etc.) and creates important keywords. Extracted keywords are used to generate real-time news article creation.

프로야구 뉴스로봇

프로야구 뉴스로봇 페이스북 페이지 (

Infographics Study

Recently, a number of news media use infographics to deliver their perspectives backed up by data. Infographics can be used to foster existing ideas or break frames set by other media. For example, the result of mayoral election only tells who the winner is. However, comparing the ratio of votes using the map (of city) and the actual vote ratio might tell a different story, something like the election is end up as a landslide victory, but rather a close competition. In this research, we attempted to study how infographics help to foster or break the frames proposed by ordinary media.

Visualization on Game Space

With the help of visualization, we are able to apply social science theories to explain how people behave in virtual space such as MMORPG games. In this research, we are visualizing the actual game data from World of Warcraft to explore how players make a their own ‘tour’, which is to deviate their gameplay from the game designer’s intention.