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Human-Computer Interaction
& Design Lab.
Seoul National University
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Social Computing

Information Visualization

User Experience Design

Kinetic Typography

About HCI+D Lab.

At the hci+d lab. at Seoul National University, we are conducting research on Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing, Information Visualization and more. Current research focuses on understanding social behavior through large data analysis and building high fidelity interactive systems. Please contact us if you want to join our research group.

  • Human-Computer Interaction

    Our main research area is Human-Computer Interaction which explores interaction between human and computers. The study intersects disciplines such as computer science, behavioral science, design, communication, media studies and several other fields of study.

  • Social Computing

    As computer plays an important role in our daily life, it is becoming also important to understand social interaction within a computerized society. Social Computing is an area of intersection of computer science and social science to understand and support any sort of social behavior in or through computational systems.

  • Information Visualization

    We are intensively working on Information Visualization research which generates interactive visual representations of abstract data to support human cognition. This has emerged from research in human-computer interaction, computer science, visual design and psychology and is becoming important in data science including big data analysis.

  • More Research Interests

    We also conduct research on Kinetic Typography, Navigation,  User Experience Design and so on. Our additional research interest can be found from here.